Our Story

Infinity began its journey nearly 470 million years ago-

Moss is one of the oldest plants on earth. These pioneer organisms are found all over the earth and have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures to absorb liquids and heal wounds. Now the scientific community is studying moss for improving human health and its remarkable ability to repair DNA. At Karmic Nature, we wondered if we could use this abundant miracle plant to create healthier, younger-looking skin.

Our core values are to develop natural, healthy, chemical-free cosmetics and skincare solutions. Jarrett Quirk, co-founded Infinity when his wife, who suffers with MS, became pregnant with their first child. Wishing to insulate his pregnant wife and child from the harsh, damaging chemicals found in most skincare products, he developed a new, natural skincare product with noticeable results. That product is Infinity.

Blending technology and nature, Infinity is a fusion of wholesome plant ingredients and moss cell technology that exfoliates, cleanses, stimulates, and fortifies in just 1 step to reverse signs of aging and skin damage.

No synthetics and no harmful chemicals. Infinity is a simple, natural solution that produces the results you don’t see with other skincare products. It’s our passion to help you find a solution for healthier, younger looking skin without the long lasting damage chemical-based skincare products leave behind.

Infinity creates beauty from nature. Simple, clean skincare with amazing results.


Try Infinity for yourself.