How Infinity Compares

Competing anti-aging skincare brands sell 1.5 oz of products like “firming cream” for up to $189

And that’s just one step in their lengthy anti-aging skincare routine.

To complete their skincare routine you need to buy an entire line of products.

Cleansers, masks, hydrating mists, eye firming creams, AND lip renewals.

Buy these products separately and you could spend anywhere from several hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

Our competitors sell expensive anti-aging skincare designed with motives to make you buy more products, more often.

Infinity has no hidden motives.

Our mission? To give you a natural, easy solution with powerful results for healthier, younger-looking skin from the inside-out.

Infinity creates simple, affordable anti-aging skincare. One product. One solution. One formula. One affordable price.

We beat our competitors consistently in


4 products for the price of 1. Infinity is just $52. Declutter your skincare routine at nearly half the cost of our competitors. Infinity serves as an all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer.


The first and most abundant ingredient in most skin care products is water, something you can get for free every day. When you purchase Infinity, you’re not paying for water, only natural, whole plant ingredients that deliver powerful results.


Easy application. Easy use. Complete your entire skincare routine in just one step and see powerful results. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize with just one formula. Save time. Save money. Save space in your beauty cabinet.

Moss Cell Technology

A new innovation in skin care. Moss cell technology is one of a kind in actively stimulating the nucleus of your cells to naturally awaken the beauty within and add resiliency to cell structure.

Whole tea leaves

Infinity uses whole tea leaves (not extracts), which control inflammation, gently exfoliate, slow signs of aging, provide UV protection, and reduce oily skin, breakouts, and acne.

100 % Silk Protein

Infinity uses Silk Peptide Powder that consists of 18 silk amino acids. A low molecular weight allows it to be completely water soluble and have excellent permeability. Silk protein provides moisture balance and imparts a silky, smooth feel for glowing skin.

Arrowroot powder

Widely used by ancient cultures for healing, Arrowroot promotes natural healing for damaged skin.

Baking Soda & Citric Acid

This powerful combination engages the whole process of Infinity’s super endothermic reaction. Lifts oils and dead cells from the skin’s surface.

"Surface Actives"

-or soap which grabs onto the oils, dirt and dead skin to gently whisk them all away.

Whole Grain Brown Rice Powder

Acts as super fine polish and exfoliator to remove a fine layer of dead skin cells and pave the way for MOSS CELLS to work their anti-aging miracles.

Essential oils

We have carefully chosen essential oils that supplement the natural properties of your skin to calm, restore, and balance.

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