We don’t like eating foods full of chemicals, so it only makes sense to rid those unnatural substances from our skin care routines. Natural skin care is essential to benefitting our skin’s overall health, so why are so many skin care products on the market loaded with synthetic ingredients not found in nature? Filled with preservatives to lengthen their lifespan on store shelves, ordinary skin care products, especially when it comes to anti-aging, care less about skin health and more about the preservation of the product. This leads to numerous beauty creams, serums, moisturizers, and cleansers that not only underperform in terms of results but that fill our skin care routines with unnecessary chemicals that actually worsen the health of our skin.  

Natural skin care is the best solution for healthy, younger-looking skin. And by natural we don’t just mean labels, we mean formulas made of whole plant ingredients that nourish your skin from the inside-out. Infinity Organic understands the benefits of adopting a natural skin care routine, and we dedicate ourselves to providing natural skin care solutions that make you feel good about your everyday skin care routine. Feel confident you’re getting only the most natural ingredients, and feel confident when you see their noticeable results.

Aging is a natural process in need of natural skin care solutions

Signs of aging show on our skin whether we like to admit it or not. And we’re not the only ones who notice. Fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, they’re all a part of our skin’s natural aging process, and the best solution to not only improve the look of these undesirable effects but the overall health of our skin, is to use natural beauty products free from preservatives and chemicals. Aging is a natural process that requires natural solutions, and using skin care products full of chemicals provides little to no benefits for your skin’s overall health.

Common chemicals and ingredients in skin care products you may want to stay away from

Certain chemical-based ingredients in personal care products are linked to various health concerns from hazard-based evidence that you might want to avoid using in your skin care routine. In fact, many of these chemicals are banned in cosmetic products in countries outside of the US.

  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT): These chemicals are used as preservatives in many beauty and personal care products as well as in our food. BHA is banned from being used in cosmetic products throughout the EU.
  • Ethanolamine compounds: Used in many cosmetic and personal care products, look out for DEA, TEA, and MEA on product labels. The European Commission bans the use of DEA in cosmetics.
  • Polyacrylamide: Though this chemical is not a concern in itself, it is made of repeating molecules of acrylamide which is linked to the cause of various health concerns. The EU sets limits on the amount of acrylamide allowed in beauty products containing polyacrylamide.
  • Phthalates: Look out for DEP, DBP, and DEHP on product labels. Phthalates are banned in the use of cosmetics products in the EU.
  • Check out a list of other potentially harmful ingredients in common personal care products.

Feel confident with Infinity’s natural, whole ingredients (never extracts).

Nature gives us whole ingredients full of nutrients. The synthetic ingredients you find in other skin care products, you won’t find out in nature. Infinity is different. Our natural, whole ingredients are the secret to Infinity Organic’s noticeable results. Other skin care products use plant extracts that simply sit on the surface of your skin and neglect the nutrients you receive from using the whole plant. Rather than using extracts, Infinity Organic’s formula is made of whole-plant ingredients, to give you a natural skin care solution that benefits the health of your skin from the inside-out.

Our most powerful ingredient: moss cell technology.

Where do our whole plant ingredients come from? Moss. Moss is one of the first land plants ever known, but the skin care industry has failed to understand its fortifying nutrients that make it valuable to natural, anti-aging skin care. Infinity utilizes the powerful benefits of this abundant organic resource to create natural skin care that reverses signs of aging to give you healthier, younger-looking skin.

Powerful moss cell technology in every bottle of Infinity Organic promotes cell nucleus health from the inside-out. This secret ingredient contains an abundant amount of antioxidants that are able to penetrate below the skin’s epidermis to benefit your cell nucleus health and protect your DNA to effectively treat your skin’s stubborn signs of aging on a cellular level.

Choose natural skin care with Infinity Organic.

Powerful results happen from powerful, natural ingredients. A natural skin care routine will not only benefit the look of your skin but its health as well. Focused on the life of your skin, not the shelf life of our product, Infinity Organic is free from preservatives and extracts, to give you natural skin care made of natural ingredients you can feel good about. Feel confident in the ingredients you put on your skin, and feel confident when you see noticeable results.

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