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How to Prevent Crow’s Feet ~ Infinity Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care

Crow’s Feet are wrinkles that form around the eyes that men and women begin to experience in their thirties, and some in their mid-twenties. The origin of these unique wrinkles are many: Crow’s Feet come about by squinting, frowning, and smiling; from sun damage; pulling your face across your pillowcase, and even by sleeping on your side. Yep, how you sleep contributes to the formation of wrinkles on your face.

There are two types of Crow’s Feet:

  • Dynamic lines: These are produced by the actions of underlying muscles when frowning, smiling and squinting.
  • Static facial lines: These wrinkles are present at all times, even during sleep. They are actual lines on the skin resulting from a long history of squinting, frowning and sun damage that has caused significant damage to the skin’s collagen fiber network.

Collagen fibers are the key to anti-aging skincare

Understanding skin care is all about understanding how the collagen fiber network creates and maintains skin elasticity. Although collagen fibers are flexible and high strength, the aging process causes these fibers to break down and loosen, which creates wrinkles and around your eyes, Crow’s Feet. The key to anti-aging skincare and preventing Crow’s Feet is in replenishing collagen fiber strength which in turn creates tighter, healthier skin.

Wrinkles caused by the breakdown of collagen fibers are called atrophic crinkling rhytids. You may not notice wrinkles around your eyes at first and mistake them for dynamic lines that form and dissipate with muscle usage. But eventually, these lines can turn into static lines that don’t leave at all.

Each and every collagen fiber that makes up your skin is made up of smaller subunits called collagen fibrils. Each fibril is comprised of interwoven rows of smaller collagen molecules, and each collagen molecule is made up of chains of polypeptides. Using skin care products that contain silk peptide replenishes these chains, which replenishes collagen molecules and collagen fiber strength, which ultimately tightens your skin and prevents those wrinkles.

Here are the 4 best ways to prevent Crow’s Feet.

1. Wear sunglasses year-round.

You read that correctly. Wear a pair of UV protection sunglasses year-round. Even during cloudy and overcast days, throw a pair on. Not only does squinting from too much sunlight contribute to Crow’s Feet, but lack of protection from the rays of the sun (even when the sun’s not “out”) can accelerate the aging process. You’ve seen those pictures of old fishermen, right? Salty air, constant UV exposure, and lots of squinting cause those wrinkles.

crow's feet

Years in the salty air and squinting in the relentless sun create crow’s feet around the eyes.

Moreover, the damage your skin takes from too much sun exposure accumulates over time. Most people truly begin to experience this when they reach their 50’s and 60’s when the damage appears as fine lines, discoloration, age spots, and wrinkles. When this happens, the best thing you can do to stop further skin damage is to stay out of the sun as much as possible. When you’re outdoors, wear sunscreen, UV-filtering sunglasses, and clothing (including a hat) that covers most of your skin.

Being outdoors frequently can also contribute to Crow’s Feet simply because you squint a lot. Over time, squinting causes the collagen and elastic fibers around your eyes to deteriorate, similar to how a paper clip bends and breaks. Wearing UV protection sunglasses along with SPF 30+ sunscreen is a sure-fire way to prevent aging of your skin.

2. Sleep on your back.

Sleeping on your side naturally creates contact between your face and your pillowcase. When you shift in your sleep, your face drags across the pillowcase and stretches the skin. Doing this every night breaks down that collagen fiber network in the skin on your face and speeds up the development of Crow’s Feet. When you sleep on your back, your face muscles will relax and those around your eyes are not stressed.

If you can’t seem to fall asleep on your back, consider purchasing a silk pillowcase or a pillowcase made from a soft material like flannel. This way, your face can slide easily across your pillow and won’t tug or pull your skin when you roll over.

3. Use a hydrating, anti-aging moisturizer.

One of the simpler methods of preventing Crow’s Feet is to apply a hydrating, anti-aging skin moisturizer that will rehydrate your skin and fill in fine lines, while preventing new ones from forming. Make sure your anti-aging skincare solution contains organic, plant-based ingredients and not harmful synthetics which introduce a host of other potential health problems. Silk peptide is especially useful in anti-aging skin treatments, as it is a small chain of proteins that help create youthful skin. Your anti-aging skincare routine should be performed daily, both morning and night.

4. Treat yourself to a spa day.

It may seem a little over-the-top, but scheduling a professional pampering session every now and again will give you a powerful boost of skin health and enhance the blood circulation in your face. Relaxation reduces stress, which relaxes muscles and in turn prevents Crow’s Feet. Chemically speaking, massages are just plain healthy, since they help your body produce and regulate neurohormones like serotonin, which enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being.

If you can’t afford a spa day as often as you’d like to, massage around your eyes for about 5 minutes each day. This increases the white blood cell count in your face as well as blood circulation and can help to prevent blemishes, infections, and wrinkles.

The appearance of Crow’s Feet is one of the most notable signs of aging, especially for those who are sensitive about their skin. If you start taking care of your skin before wrinkles appear, you’ll be ahead of the game with healthier, younger-looking skin into your senior years.

Infinity Organic is an all natural, plant-based skincare formulation, containing silk peptide and moss cell technology to moisturize and repair your skin from the inside out. See all of our anti-aging skin care solutions here.