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The most resilient plant on earth offers an anti-aging treatment for us by improving our skin cell nucleus health.

The secret ingredient in Infinity Organic is MossCellTec No.1, derived from moss cells.

MossCellTec No.1 works on the cellular level: It improves the structure of the cell’s nuclear envelope (the area surrounding the nucleus) and makes the transport of molecules into and out of the nucleus more efficient.

As we age, this cell transport becomes less efficient, which impairs skin cell nucleus health. MossCellTec No.1 preserves the transport of molecules and cell communication, offering a new way to fight aging in our skin. Put simply, it reinvigorates dying skin cells and restores their youthful function.

In Vitro and clinical studies have shown that MossCellTec No. 1 helps skin adapt to climatic changes in as little as 2 weeks and reduces wrinkle depth in as little as 4 weeks. It facilitates deeper hydration, better cell barrier function, and a more uniform skin cell structure throughout. In simple terms, your skin is more resilient and your complexion is flawless.

Our moss is grown sustainably and is reproducible.

Mosses are extraordinarily resistant to environmental changes, thanks to their huge load of antioxidants

That’s why they’ve survived every kind of environmental stress for millions of years. MossCellTec No.1 is the first active ingredient based on biotechnologically produced moss grown by tissue culture, making it sustainable and reproducible.

Mosses have the unique ability to tolerate long periods of dessication thanks to metabolites that retain water. While starved for water, mosses become dormant until water is again available, after which they rehydrate in minutes. This is called reviviscence – the mosses literally come back to life. Scientists for years have identified this quality in moss as the next frontier in anti-aging skin treatments, but how to produce the ingredient in vast quantities without causing ecosystem damage was a challenge. Until now.

MossCelltech No. 1 is a novel technology. Through a unique moss tissue culture method, vast quantities of moss cells are grown sustainably from just one sample in laboratories, not greenhouses. Growing the moss this way causes no damage to the ecosystem and the moss is completely free of any environmental pollutants or pesticides.

See the studies below for more information on the remarkable performance of MossCellTec No.1.

Fourteen Caucasian women aged between 37.4 and 65.4 years (mean age: 53.7 years) applied either a cream with 2% MossCellTecTM No.1 on one half of their face or the corresponding placebo on the other half of their face twice daily for a period of 28 days.

The wrinkle depth of the crow’s feet area was determined by using the PRIMOS system.

Treatment with MossCellTecTM No.1 led to an average decrease in wrinkle depth of 15% compared to the placebo.

Fifteen Caucasian women aged between 37.4 and 64.7 years (mean age: 52.7 years) applied either a cream with 2% MossCellTecTM No.1 on the inner side of their forearm or the corresponding placebo on the other inner side of their forearm twice daily for a period of 28 days. The TEWL was determined by using a tewameter.

Treatment with MossCellTecTM No.1 led to an average decrease in TEWL of almost 8% compared to the placebo (up to 20%). The TEWL of the skin was decreased for 73% of the volunteers.

During this study, high resolution pictures were taken using Visioscan® in order to visualize the structure of the skin surface and the level of ryndess. Pictures taken before the treatment showed numerous signs of scaliness. However, treatment with MossCellTecTM No.1 led to the complete disappearance of these signs of dryness.

Twenty-three women aged between 39 and 53 years (mean age: 45.4 years) applied either a cream with 2% MossCellTecTM No.1 on one half of their face or the corresponding placebo on the other half of their face twice daily for 14 days.

  • Volunteers spent 2–5 hours per day outdoors.
  • The study took place during the summer in Seoul, South Korea.
  • The skin of the volunteers had to adapt to sudden changes between hot and humid weather outside and air conditioning inside.
  • One week before starting, each volunteer only applied the placebo cream twice daily on their entire face.

The hydration and the TEWL were determined on the cheeks of the volunteers by using a corneometer and a vapometer respectively.

The homogeneity of the skin color was analyzed by taking cross-polarized images using VISIA® CR and by calculating the standard deviation of each of the pixels. The higher the standard deviation, the higher was the heterogeneity of the complexion.

Treatment with MossCellTecTM No.1 led to a significant increase in hydration and decrease in TEWL from the first week of application:

  • Skin hydration was increased by more than 6% after two weeks compared to initial conditions (up to 17.5%). The hydration of the skin was increased for 100% of the volunteers.
  • TEWL was reduced by more than 8% after two weeks compared to initial conditions (up to 20%). The TEWL of the skin was decreased for 91% of the volunteers.

In addition, MossCellTecTM No.1 significantly and visibly improved the homogeneity of the skin color after a two week treatment. Therefore, MossCellTecTM No.1 helps the skin to quickly adapt to environmental changes.

Immunostaining showed an increased expression of LCE1A, which is a stress marker that is activated in case of temperature changes, especially

when the climate is hot and humid. However, pre-treatment with MossCellTecTM No.1 was shown to inhibit this effect, which indicates a prevention of the stress.

In addition, the stratum corneum thickness was also quantified in pixels.

• Pre-treatment with MossCellTecTM No.1 was shown to increase the stratum corneum thickness by almost 15%.

• In addition, while cold and dry stress led to a 47% reduction of the stratum corneum thickness compared to initial conditions, treatment with MossCellTecTM No.1 was shown to limit this decrease to less than 10% and therefore help the skin to adapt more quickly and effectively to cold weather.

The ability of MossCellTecTM No.1 to reinforce the skin barrier was evaluated by measuring its effect on several genes that were selected for their

important role in skin barrier function, epidermal matrix and hydration.

The expression of these genes was analyzed using quantitative PCR on normal human epidermal keratinocytes that were first either treated or not (control) with the P. patens extract.

Results showed that the P. patens extract increased the expression of two important groups of genes:

  • Genes that encode the proteins forming the stratum corneum: involucrin, filaggrin, repetin and small proline-rich (SPRR) proteins
  • Genes that encode the proteins that form junctions between the cells such as desmosomes (envoplakin, corneodesmosin, desmoglein 1) and tight junctions (F11 receptor).

By stimulating filaggrin, the P. patens extract increases the capacity of the skin to trap and hold water. Furthermore, the P. patens extract limits water loss by increasing the gene expression of the constituents of the stratum corneum.

Last but not least, the P. patens extract reinforces the cohesion between the cells by increasing the gene expression of the constituents of desmosomes and tight junctions. The latter control the diffusion of water and solutes across intercellular spaces and therefore prevents loss of water.

Artboard 1The first cosmetic active ingredient based on moss tissue culture.MossCellTecTM No.1The latest biotech innovation for nucleus healthMossCellTecTM No.1But, thousands of moss speciesare now endangered andthe collection of moss inthe wild is not sustainable. Mosses have an extraordinaryability to adapt and havesurvived climate changefor 470 Million years. THE SOLUTION–The active ingredient inMoss Cell TecTM No. 1 maintainscell nucleus health, resultingin novel anti-aging results.Every cell in our bodycontains a nucleus inwhich the DNA, ourprecious geneticinformation is stored. Molecules, such as RNA andproteins, are imported andexported through holes inthe nulceus. The nucleus transport systembecomes less efficient as we age.This results in less resilient skin.Moss Cell TecTM No. 1 has shownto rejuvenate the cell nucleusstructure resulting in youthfulhydrated skin with activated skinresilience against urban impacts. Grow moss culture in the labwith innovative and sustainableMoss Cell TecTM Technology.